All-day breakfast coming soon to a McDonald’s near you

Photo courtesy of flickr user yanki01 Hot cakes are one of the options that will be featured on the McDonald's all-day breakfast menu.

Photo courtesy of flickr user yanki01
Hot cakes are one of the options that will be featured on the McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu.

Melanie Plowman, Tempo Editor

College students, rejoice: On Sept. 1, McDonald’s announced that it will be serving breakfast nationwide all day long, starting Oct. 6. This wonderful news means that hot cakes can now be enjoyed at dinner, hash browns can be eaten as a snack, and lunch can always feel more like “brunch.” It also means no more existential crises after getting to the fast food chain a minute late (re: the scene in “Big Daddy” where Adam Sandler flips out on the McDonald’s cashier for no longer serving breakfast past 10:30 a.m.)

The message comes after the fast food giant tested all-day breakfast menus in San Diego back in April 2015. The response was positive, and according to McDonald’s officials, may be what the franchise needs after its sales reportedly fell 11 quarters in a row through April 2015.

The move was approved by a franchisee leadership council, The Wall Street Journal reported. It marks the newest and biggest company motion under CEO Steve Easterbrook, who has vowed to boost sales.

“This is the consumers’ idea. This is what they want us to do,” Mike Andres, McDonald’s America president told the Wall Street Journal. “That’s why I think this could be the catalyst for our turnaround.”

However, economic and marketing professionals at Lewis are not so sure the menu change will be means for a drastic rebound in sales.

“I don’t think offering all-day breakfast would save McDonald’s plunging sales,” said Dr. Wei Chen, assistant professor of economics. “High demand for breakfast items in the morning does not necessarily mean that consumers want breakfast items all day. Demand for breakfast items may be much lower than expected.”

“Focusing only on revenues can be deceiving. To offer all-day breakfast, McDonald’s operational costs will be higher. If the operational costs increase more than the revenues, McDonald’s profits will be lower.”

Marketing Assistant Professor Robert Bergman has similar sentiments about McDonald’s potential comeback.

“I don’t think offering breakfast all day will significantly contribute to sinking sales in McDonald’s restaurants, because they aren’t attracting new customers. They are simply offering their existing customers more variety in their menu,” Bergman said. “On the other hand, it could boost profits. Breakfast items have a much higher profit margin than the burgers and fries.”

Aside from the economic standpoint, McDonald’s customers have been very vocal through Facebook and Twitter about their satisfaction with the company’s new breakfast initiative.

This announcement may be great news to most fast-food fans, but caution should be taken when venturing out to retrieve a McGriddle at 2 p.m. — that sandwich won’t be available. It has been revealed that the all-day menu will be limited to a couple of breakfast sandwiches, hot cakes, yogurt and oatmeal.

Business Insider reported that depending on local preferences, McDonald’s locations will either serve biscuit or McMuffin breakfast sandwiches, not both. Locations serving McMuffin sandwiches will offer sandwich options including egg, sausage with egg, and sausage. Consumers can pick from bacon with egg and cheese, sausage with egg, and sausage at the locations serving biscuit sandwiches.

Limited choices aside, Lewis students have mixed reactions about all-day breakfast.

“I think if people like McDonald’s, they usually like the breakfast options the most. It makes sense that they’re going to start serving it all day,” said Courtney Dallon, sophomore sociology major.

“Honestly, I prefer the lunch choices to the breakfast options, so I don’t really care,” senior organizational communications major Danielle Curtis said.

“It’s a good idea. It’ll be nice to be able to get a breakfast sandwich any time of day,” said Michael Curtis, senior journalism major.

According to McDonald’s website, the food chain did not serve breakfast all day previously because of its grills not being big enough to support breakfast and lunch items. Business Insider cited that the restaurants will now be installing large grills and more toasters to adjust accordingly to the company’s big breakfast announcement.

With the new McDonald’s in Romeoville opening up on Route 53 before the end of 2015, it will be easier than ever for Lewis students to indulge in all that is the Ronald McDonald empire. Except for McGriddles past 10:30 a.m…but we’ll take what we can get.

Melanie Plowman
Melanie Plowman is a senior multimedia journalism major. She is the tempo editor for The Flyer. She also enjoys hiking and the outdoors, as well as discovering new music.

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