Borderline Shooting

In the recent wake of the Borderline Bar shooting, the outpour of support and concern around the country has been powerful. A lot of national attention has been focused on the community, the families and friends of the victims and the Borderline personnel. However, many media outlets are more focused on celebrities within the area, who have frequented the bar or knew people who were victimized by the shooting.

Tamara Mowry’s niece, Alaina Housley was one of 12 victims killed by the gunman. Instead of focusing on the young woman that Housley was, media outlets such as, NBC news are focused on the fact that she is Mowry’s niece. They have been putting the attention on how recent events have affected Mowry and her husband over the tragedy that a young woman has lost her life. Housley has never been referred to as her own person, but always as Mowry’s niece.

 Local news outlets, such as CBS LA, covered the vigil that was held for the 12 victims of the mass shooting, but it was not covered by any additional news outlets. Mowry paid tribute to her niece at a birthday party for her son, the tribute was covered by national news outlets such as NBC Today and E! News.

The coverage of such tragedies by national news outlets needs to stay focused on the impact made on the community and show what has been done in the immediate area to help those affected. CNN covered the shooting and the victims, using b-roll from the vigil held the day after the event, but they never touched on the vigil itself. On CNN’s website, a story touched on the Lakers wearing shirts with all the victim’s names on them, but it was not covered in a broadcast segment. The vigil, the Lakers and their shirts as well as the GoFundMe that has been started to raise money for the Borderline bar should be covered in the national news, not just local media outlets. Media outlets need to remember how to cover tragedies such as the Borderline shooting because private individuals lost their lives and no one’s social status should decide if their story is worth telling.

The 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas was one of the deadliest shootings in American history. This massacre claimed the lives of 58 private individuals and injured 851 people. CNN, Fox News and other media outlets covered the shooting instead of focusing on country pop-star Jason Aldean, who was performing when the gunshots began. They focused on what happened to victims, what the perpetrator’s possible motive was and how the country could help those affected by the tragedy, such as: donating blood, contributing to a GoFundMe and/or purchasing apparel with the hashtag #VegasStrong.    

The media’s objective is to provide news coverage and the truth to the public. Without the coverage of such events, the people of the United States are not getting the entire story. By focusing solely on the one celebrity involved, they are skewing the information. The victims of the Borderline shooting should not be overshadowed by a single celebrity. They need to be remembered as individual people, who died prematurely because of a senseless act of violence.

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