Flyer Senior Says Goodbye

Georgi Presecky, Editor-in-Chief

When Hayley Miller pulled me aside in my publication design class just a few weeks into my first year at Lewis, she asked me to “help out” with The Flyer. Like the school itself, the newspaper was just going to be a stop on a moving train, never somewhere I intended to stay or get comfortable. But God and Adobe InDesign had other plans for me. “Helping out” quickly turned into sticking around, and sticking around turned into three years of exhausting but rewarding work, friendships I wouldn’t trade and a chance to emulate some of my favorite fictional editors-in-chief (I hope I did Andrea Zuckerman, Chloe Sullivan and Rory Gilmore  proud).

If you asked what I would have if I had never joined the Flyer, I’d immediately know the answer: a whole lot more ink in my pens, space on my hard drive, more sleep and time for homework and less room for self-doubt. But if you asked what I wouldn’t have, that list is much longer. I wouldn’t have had the kind of experience that defines a college career. I wouldn’t have had nearly as many laughs – mostly at the gifs I attached to my own staff emails, but, sure, with some other staff members, too. I would have just been a student, but instead I got to be a reporter, a writer, a layout editor, a road tripper, a friend and an editor-in-chief, a byline I never felt quite worthy of but am grateful to have under my name one last time.

I’ve made a lot of memories in the Flyer office. I’ve seen a hard drive full of work crash at 5 a.m., I’ve thrown up and cried and even taken the expression “break a leg” much too literally. But I’ve also laughed a lot, written a lot and learned a lot about Lewis, leadership and my place in all of it. I’m grateful to my predecessors Steph Lipinksi and Nicole Krage for their examples. I’m thankful to my amazing friend and predecessor, Laura Fox, for her constant words of comfort and humor when I needed them. (Also for the donuts. Mostly for the donuts, but I guess the friendship, too.) Thanks to Lisa O’Toole for her patience, expertise and listening ear, and to Hayley Miller for loving “Frasier” as much as I do and for dragging me into this unforgettable experience.

To the rest of the staff, I could go on for pages, but the layout editors might kill me. So I’ll just say thank you, I’ll miss you and break a leg…just not literally.

Georgi Presecky
Georgi Presecky is a senior public relations/advertising major with a minor in social media. She is Editor-in-Chief of The Flyer after spending two years as a layout editor. She aspires to be Rory Gilmore but is actually much more like Paris Geller. She has accepted this.

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