Last LUSS General Assembly kicks off election

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One of the projects the organization accomplished this year was the easter egg hunt, which brought many families to Lewis.

Kayla Chambers, Layout Editor

The Lewis University Student Senate held its last General Assembly of the semester April 19, where students running for senate seats gave statements of their past experience and future intentions as senators.

The assembly kicked off the voting period, which began shortly after the meeting. An email was sent out with a survey so that students could submit their votes, with the voting period ending after one week.

Voter turnout was high, with a total of 412 students submitting ballots.

Before election week, LUSS was trying to figure out the best way to construct voting so students could vote within their constituency, and this survey accomplished their goals.

Senior Senator Mary Huggins believes use of this voting format will continue for later elections.

“It would say what class you were in, you would select it and then you would select what your major was, and then from there it would select all the candidates you were able to vote for,” said Huggins.

Another election is set to take place next semester for the freshman senator and transfer senator seats, which have yet to be filled.

In order to run, students had to submit their name, ID number, a brief biography and the position they were running for to Michelle Hoehn. A student could even run for multiple seats.

Aside from speaking at the assembly, students also campaigned on the LewisU app and on social media.

Hayley Renison, a junior theology major ran for Missions Senator. Renison campaigned on social media and told her friends and cross country teammates at Lewis to cast their vote.

Campaigning also took place via email. The Athletics Department sent out an email to students supporting Conner Ritzi, who ran for Athletics senator.

At the General Assembly, representatives from ResLife and Sodexo were also present. ResLife representatives talked about room registration and Sodexo representatives asked for student input on food options for the cafeteria in the new Student Center.

On May 2, LUSS welcomed incoming senators and thanked outgoing senators on Twitter and Instagram. Current senators met with newly elected senators May 3 to ensure a smooth transition.

Huggins hopes to advise incoming senators to focus on the “team dynamic.”

“There were 23 different people with 23 different kinds of projects they wanted done. It was kind of hard to work sometimes, but eventually we started to compromise. So, my biggest piece of advice is to start compromising early and look for those big projects you want to accomplish,” Huggins said.


Kayla Chambers
Kayla Chambers is a junior double majoring in english and journalism. This is her second year as a layout editor for The Flyer.

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