Salsation at the Philip Lynch Theatre: ‘Comedy with a Latin Flavor’

Bree Scott, Co-News Editor

Moreno (left) and Mendoza (right) portrayed scientists.

Two Lewis students joined in the acting ensemble.

Charriez (left) and Velaquez (right) pretend to be shipwrecked.

(From left to right) Charriez, Moreno and Mendoza performed a skit.

The Philip Lynch Theatre welcomed the talented and hilarious Salsation Theatre Company on Feb 28. Comprised of Maria Mendoza, Rose Guccione, Nelson Velazquez, Ramon Charriez and Blad Moreno, the theatre group’s primary purpose is “the presentation and creation of comedic and other theatrical works which consider the role of Latinos in American society and related topics; and to inspire and educate Latinos and non-Latinos in the use of theatrical and other performing arts as a medium for self-expression,” as stated on their website.

Despite the torrential downpour that ensued behind the scenes, many of the Lewis community came to experience Salsation’s comedic skits. Toward the end of the show, the group also welcomed volunteers from the audience to join them in an improvisational skit. Lewis students Alex Horvat and Deja Seay offered to come on stage and try their hand at improvisation alongside Salsation.

“You can incorporate improvisation in everything that you do,” said Velaquez.

“That right side of your brain, that analytical part of your brain, believe it or not, is actually very conducive for improvisation and vice versa.”

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