Students and faculty celebrate launch of 13th Issue of ‘Jet Fuel Review’

Photos by Samantha Carlson.
The JFR staff posed for pictures following the launch of the 13th Issue.

Dr. Mark Letcher participated in the launch.

Zakiya Cowan, sophomore, presented a piece from new high school section.

Miguel Soto, sophomore, presented work by Miami student, A’ ishah Cerrato.

Samantha Carlson, Co-News Editor

To assist in the launch of the 13th issue of “Jet Fuel Review,” the staff and advisers held a reading of Lewis’ student-run and faculty advised literary journal.

The launch consisted of students and faculty reading works of poetry and displaying artwork featured in the latest issue of the journal. Students and faculty gathered in the AS building April 25 to show their support for the JFR launch.

This year’s issue was the largest journal yet and included work from around the world, including a section dedicated to the work of high school students. This section was overseen by English students Zakiya Cowan and Miguel Soto, sophomore and junior respectively, with guidance from English professor Dr. Jackie White.

The launch consisted of readings from over ten members of JFR and guest professors, including “Jet Fuel Review” advisor and English professor, Dr. Simone Muench.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work with such a talented and tireless group of students. They are to be commended for their dedication in making sure that we remain a well-recognized and respected journal,” said Dr. Muench.

“I am also incredibly thankful to Dr. Livingston who has attended both of our releases, and even read for one of them, and to the various staff and faculty who have read and supported us over the years. There are too many to list here but a few who have supported us from the beginning include Rob DeRose, Dean Bondavalli, Dr. Chuck Crowder and Dr. Jason Keleher.”

JFR originated in 2011 when Lewis alumna Mary Egan, launched the online journal in hopes to reach an online audience miles away from campus. The journal is published bi-annually and the recent issue consists of almost 200 pages of content.

“In addition to curating literature and art for our journal each semester, we do marketing and promotion, learn layout and design skills, create posters and newsletters and interface with various authors and artists. JFR helps provide a bridge to post-graduation life in that Lewis students from multiple disciplines develop skills and publishing networks that better enable them to compete successfully on the job market,” said Dr. Muench.

JFR also produces a blog that is run by Lewis students. The JFR blog consists of pieces covering film and television, literature and music, among other things.

Both the new issue and the blog can be located on the JFR website,

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